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Field Services

Underworld Line Locating Ltd. specializes in locating and marking buried facilities for the oil & gas and construction industries. We provide trained field service technicians and well-equipped field units to meet any ground disturbance scenario.

All line locate documentation is produced digitally. Documentation can easily be transmitted via email to project managers and head offices, even from the field if necessary.

In-House Project Database

Field documentation from previous line locates are retained on file and added to our In-House Database. Subsequent projects at the same location are therefore able to be conducted in a more cost effective manner.

Third-Party Pipeline Databases

We subscribe to several pipeline database providers that provide secondary support to our field locates. These pipeline database searches are also produced digitally and can be transmitted with ease.

BC One Call Management | Alberta One Call Management

Many clients are burdened with the task of having to respond to BC One Call and Alberta One Call tickets other ground disturbers place within proximity to their facilities. We are
able to manage this time consuming task for you and serve as your responder to BC One Call ticket requests.

Of course, if you are performing a ground disturbance, we are able to place the BC One Call Ticket request on your behalf as well.

Typical Locate Requests

Most line locate requests come in response to the following project types:

  • Pipeline construction
  • Oil & gas plant maintenance and turn-around retrofit projects
  • Environmental reclamation & remediation projects
  • Road & lease construction
  • Seismic exploration programs
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Plant site construction
  • Wellsite abandonment and decommissioning

Damage Prevention Specialists

We are a professional utility locating firm established in 2005. Our goal is to provide the highest quality
line locates in throughout Northeastern BC and Northwestern Alberta.

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